What is The Weekly Loaf?

How "The Weekly Loaf" Bread Subscription works:

Step 1

You recognize your need for fresh, homemade deliciousness in your life, and sign up here, online, on our handy-dandy registration page.

Step 2

You peruse the online Bake Shoppe, and add any additional loaves, pastries, or other goodies to your order for that week, with no worries of pesky special order requirements.

Step 3

Pick up your Weekly Loaf + Specialty Items at the location you selected during sign-up (either The Goodness Coffee House or The Back 40 Family Farm).

Step 4

“Accidentally” eat most of your crusty-on-the-outside but chewy-on-the-inside deliciousness on your way home, and tell your family that you’ll definitely maybe share… next week.

Step 5

Check back next week to see the brand new options in The Bake Shoppe, and start the process all over again (minus the registration: once you’ve subscribed, you’re golden)!

Sound Delicious? Here are your choices:

(You will indicate your choices upon registration.)


Choose to get one loaf once per week
four loaves once per month.


Pick-up at my home
United Methodist Church.

Carb Loading

Stick with your one Baker’s Choice
add specialty loaves and pastries from the Bake Shoppe to your weekly pickup.

Ready for the bread?

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