Redeem Gift Subscription to The Weekly Loaf



Hey there, friend! If you recently received an email (or a physical gift certificate) saying that someone gifted you a one-month membership to The Weekly Loaf bread subscription and you’d like to get on that carb train, please add this product to your cart!

During the checkout process you will have an option to enter a coupon code. Please copy and paste (or carefully type) the code from your email (or paper copy) into that field and continue on with the checkout process. You will not be charged – after entering the code into the correct field your total will be brought to $0. After you’re all finished up, you should receive a confirmation email that you’re officially part of the crew. It will also contain further instructions for what your next step is as a brand new member!

If you’d like more information about our bread subscription, how it works, and what your options are, click here to check out The Weekly Loaf!


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