Carb Cash



Carb Cash is the best gifting option if you want the recipient to have as much freedom and flexibility in their shopping options as possible. Carb Cash can be applied towards anything in The Bake Shoppe (for members of The Weekly Loaf), or towards purchasing a TWL membership, or towards anything from the Special Orders page. It can also be redeemed in person during any non-online baking event.

Simply enter the amount that you would like to gift in Carb Cash and then add that to your cart. During the checkout process you will be prompted to provide the recipient’s name and email address, as they will immediately be emailed their Carb Cash certificate with the corresponding coupon code.

If you would rather print out the certificate so you have a physical copy to include in a card or gift, but still want to keep the element of surprise, enter your own email address into the recipient field during checkout. The email and the PDF Carb Cash certificate will then be sent to you for your downloading, printing, and gifting pleasure!


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